Tuesday, 27th of January, the IPM 2015 will start and of course we will participate again in this exhibition.

Apart from the 2013/2014 introductions a new variety belonging to the niger species will be highlighted during the exhibition. This variety is noted by its short cultivation time and a rich flowering plant which blooms at Christmas which is the right time for florists and consumers. We do not disclose its name yet but the one who orders this new variety four weeks prior or after the exhibition competes for a cultivated pearl-necklace.

HilverdaKooij, Hall 2 stand number 2C11

Carnations symbolises volunteering

Volunteers are very imporant in our society. Every year millions of people are committing themselves to voluntary work. What better way to reward them than with a bouquet of carnation flowers!


Like the rose represents love, carnation symbolises volunteering. Carnation stands for dedication and perseverance, characteristics that are fitting to all volunteers!


During Volunteers Weeks a wide range of extra carnations will be available at florists, with enough choice for everyone.