New pot and bedding plants catalogue

We just finished our new pot and bedding plants catalogue with a lot of novelies. 
We have a new begonia serie Be*Adore and a new pot carnation line Beauties. Beauties includes all special pot carnations distinctive in color and shape of the flower.

You can download or view the pot carnation catalogue below:
HilverdaKooij Catalogue
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Carnations symbolises volunteering

Volunteers are very imporant in our society. Every year millions of people are committing themselves to voluntary work. What better way to reward them than with a bouquet of carnation flowers!


Like the rose represents love, carnation symbolises volunteering. Carnation stands for dedication and perseverance, characteristics that are fitting to all volunteers!


During Volunteers Weeks a wide range of extra carnations will be available at florists, with enough choice for everyone.